ShopArt/ArtShop 1 May - June 2013

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ShopArt/ArtShop 2013 - Index

  • Elena PereiraThe Flower Shop3
  • Arjun SenLive Guitar Film Music5
  • Bianca BallantyneThe Painting Shop7
  • Sindhu ThirumalaisamyThe Shop of Sound9
  • K.M. LoOne Rupee Cinema11
  • Vivek ChokalingamPahari Skyscraper13
  • Spriha ChokhaniThe Paper Furniture Tea-Shop15
  • Tanja WesselsThe Shop of Us17
  • Frank SchlichtmannThe 4rooms Hotel19
  • Narendar ThakurKullu Valley folk tunes21

Elena Pereira The Flower Shop

Elena is a Dutch-Indian-German artist settled in Bangalore who works on objects, sculptures, product-graphic-concept design. She has had numerous exhibitions of her work and performances around the globe and has also featured extensively in different art, design and life-style magazines. Currently she is setting up her design studio, Studio Butterfruit. Play Video

Arjun Sen Live Guitar Film Music

Arjun is a musician, guitar player and composer living in Bir, HP. He works composing music for documentaries, feature films, theater, art projects etc.. He also plays guitar with his jazz-blues band, HFT, and the band Lou Majaw and Friends. Play Interview

Bianca Ballantyne The Painting Shop

Bianca is a Goan artist living between Bir, HP, and Goa. She has been working in multiple disciplines such as painting, printmaking, illustration and graphic design and has taken part in various exhibitions across the country. Play Interview

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy The Shop of Sound

Sindhu is a sound-artist and filmmaker based in Bangalore who often uses listening as an entry point towards an awareness of physical and mental geographies. She has worked on films, audio installations, guided walks and performances, often in collaboration with others. Her work has been exhibited at many different venues including, most recently, at the Edinburgh Festival of Art. Play Interview

KM Lo One Rupee Cinema

K.M. is a Hong Kong-Singaporean self-claimed refugee of the world. He gave up a lucrative career in fashion-photography and chose to become a micro-budget filmmaker. His TUK TUK CINEMA has used fun workshops and open air cinema to provide film training, create cinema art and bring media awareness to communities all over Asia. Play Interview

Vivek Chockalingam Pahari Skyscraper

Vivek is an installation and contextual artist from Bangalore who, despite having studied product design, chose to be an artist because he wants to explore boundaries and create artworks without the limitations imposed by the demands of his learned profession. He has worked on many installations in India and abroad. Play Interview

Spriha Chokhani The Paper Furniture Tea-Shop

Spriha is a material and product designer based in a small town in Assam, Makum. She is the owner of the design studio, Pulp Factory, and her paper mache designs and products have been exhibited widely. Most recently she was ranked one of the ‘9 most talented design professionals in India’ by Better Interiors magazine. Play Interview

Tanja Wessels The Shop of Us

Tanja was born in Portugal to South African parents and spend her life in different parts of the world. She studied filmmaking and graphic design and works in arts publishing and as an artist and filmmaker whenever the opportunity to mix art and travel comes her way. She currently lives between Hong Kong and Macau. Play Interview

Frank Schlichtmann The 4rooms Hotel

Frank is a German-Indian living in Gunehar, HP, and the curator and initiator of ShopArt/ArtShop. He has worked in different creative fields around the world all through his life and currently runs the 4tables project.

Narender Thakur Kullu Valley Folk Tunes

Narender is a folks singer from Kullu, HP, who is revered by his fans as ‘The King Of Nati-Music’, the hauntingly beautiful music form he masters. He lives of his concerts and has recently sold more than a hundred thousand copies of his album without any institutional or financial support from production companies.