To be part of a village
is to be part of the world
Gunehar, HP, India
SA AS-2 was held between 14 May – 14 June, 2016.

This edition was a one time collaboration between the 4tables Project and Ketna Patel Studio.

SAAS-3 is taking place from 15. May - 15. June, 2019. Curatorial theme: BORDERLINES.
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"Life in Gunehar village takes a colourful turn!"
– New Indian Express

"... a remote Kangri village turns into a gallery of sorts."
– The Hindu
Some of India's finest artists take part in a compelling art experiment by moving to a village for a month, turning empty shops and spaces into artists ateliers and working towards a week long village-wide art festival.

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SA AS is a not-for profit enterprise; all the money raised goes towards the project. All expenses will be documented on our website and accessible to everybody online. SA AS mission is to make “the whole process of creating arts transparent”— this includes the economics!

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Achala, Ajay Kaisth, Alexis de Suremain, Amit Bhalla, Amit Upadhye, Amy Amrita, Daga, Anu Malhotra, Bansri, Caroline Essame, Chandrakant, Chhaya Patel, Chiragni, Devendra Punia, Dr Ramnik Patel, Dr Vinodray C Patel, DRV Shah, Elena Pistorio, Hari Chenglath, Hari Tara Charitable Trust, Hasit Raja, Hiten Patel, Jane Hughes, Jayanth Murthy, Jitendra C Patel, Jitendra Patel, Jonathan Homewood, Jonathan Kushner, Mahendra J Kothari, Malissa Desmazieres, Mansi Maheshwari, Miten Patel, Pragnesh Patel, Rakesh, Rash Paul, Reepa Patel, Ritu & Rajesh, Rupane Patel, Saijal Patel, Sangeeta Robinson, Satya Bhushan Sharma, Sonia Patel, Sue Fitzmaurice, Urmila Patel, Victoria Woo, Vinita Arora, Visha Nelson, Yana Fray

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